With more than 20 years of experience, East-West Debt is the specialist in recovery of defaulted sovereign debt and cartel damage claims.

Our particular strength and subsequent success lies in our multi-disciplinary approach and ability to think outside the box. This approach allows us to explore creative and efficient paths to problem solving and has resulted in an impressive track record.

Defaulted Sovereign Debt Recovery

East-West Debt assists multinationals, banks, insurance companies and governments to resolve defaulted debts and claims against political risk countries. In the last two decades, we have collected claims with a total value of more than 1 billion euros. We have resolved claims all over the world, even in extremely difficult jurisdictions such as the former USSR, Iran and Iraq. East-West Debt will try to maximise the worth of every claim, even if these have remained unpaid for many years.

Cartel Damage Claims

Due to our extensive legal knowledge and experience in international litigation, we are a strong partner in antitrust procedures. East-West Debt assesses each claim on its specific merits and devises a comprehensive approach to a successful recovery of your cartel damage claims. We provide our clients with expert assistance from the first step in the process until satisfying result has been reached.