With more than 30 years of experience.

East West Debt specializes in the niche area of buying and collecting sovereign debts. East West Debt offers various creative solutions to recover these debts.:

In an amicable way, the company attempts to negotiate and arrange amicable settlements with debtors, and/or to employ creative recovery schemes, such as swapping debts for counter trades,  debt-for-debt swaps, and debt-equity swaps.

These strategies aim to recover debts in innovative ways.

Litigation: in case collection in an amicable way is not possible, we will consider starting litigation.

Outsourcing Claims: to engage East West Debt's services, a creditor signs a mandate, essentially outsourcing the debt recovery process to the company.

No cure no pay basis: East West Debt bear all the costs of the recovery of the claim. East West Debt charges the client a percentage of the funds recovered only if they successfully collect the debt.

This fee structure aligns the company's success with the client's interests.

Outsourcing: by outsourcing their debt recovery to East West Debt, clients can benefit from the company's expertise in recovering sovereign debts without the need for substantial upfront investments.

East West Debt offer a specialized and flexible approach to debt recovery for sovereign debts, aiming to protect the interests of their clients and recover funds through various means, including negotiation and legal action.

East West Debt's expertise:

  1. East West Debt has over three decades of experience in asset tracing and sovereign debt collection. This extensive experience provides valuable insights and strategies for effectively recovering debts.
  2. East West Debt has collected debts in Angola, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan and Zambia and others for an amount of more than USD 1000 mio.
  3. High Success Rate: with a success rate of around 90%, East West Debt has a proven track record of successfully locating and recovering assets on behalf of its clients. Our success rate speaks to the company's expertise and capabilities in this specialized field.
  4. Knowledge and Experience: East West Debt has accumulated specialized knowledge and experience in identifying where debtors may have hidden their assets. This expertise can be instrumental in asset recovery efforts.