East-West Debt has a history rooted in the early 1990s when a small group of Dutch and Belgian economists, councillors, and bankers recognized the shortcomings of traditional debt recovery methods in emerging markets and politically unstable countries. At that time, the prevailing approach was to obtain verdicts against debtors, but this approach often proved insufficient in securing payment. Locating and attaching assets in these regions was a challenging endeavor.

In response to these challenges, the founders of East-West Debt decided to take a fresh and innovative approach to debt recovery. They realized that each claim had unique characteristic and circumstance, so they developed a comprehensive strategy tailored to each case's specific merits. This approach proved successful and led to the growth of the company.

Importantly, the founders of East-West Debt have remained actively involved in the company throughout its history, maintaining a commitment to their innovative debt recovery approach.

In 2020, East-West Debt took a significant step by consolidating its teams operating in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands into a single location in Gibraltar. This consolidation aimed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and leverage the collective experience and expertise of the teams.

East-West Debt operates currently from its head office in Gibraltar, where it has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in debt recovery. The company utilizes a network of agents and lawyers worldwide to facilitate its debt recovery efforts in various international markets. This global network enables East-West Debt to continue its mission of innovative and effective debt recovery in challenging environments.